Full groom

This is my most popular grooming service.

Your dog will receive a nail inspection and trim – if necessary, as well as a full ear check, plucked and cleaned – if necessary. Your dog will then be prepared for their bath.
Your dog is then ready for their bath. Our shampoos and conditioners are all created specifically for dogs. They are also suitable for sensitive skin and are tear free so we can thoroughly clean your dog including their face.
After your dog has a thorough clean and massage in the bath he/she will then be ready for drying. Our dryers are specifically designed for drying dogs. They are both high velocity and high performance but the power level can be adjusted and lowered for nervous dogs. They lift any loose undercoat and dry skin as they dry, leaving your dog and their skin feeling revitalised.
Your dog now totally clean and dry is ready for the finishing process. The finishing process is exactly what it states. It entails trimming, clipping and thinning your dogs coat to create the exact look you require.

Your dog will then be happier, fresh smelling and stress free due to the salons surroundings and  my care and attention. All cross breeds are welcome and suitable styles will be suggested.

Bath and Blow Dry

This service includes a nail inspection and trim – if necessary. A sanitary area clean up or trim, and ear check and cleanout – if necessary. Your dog then receives a lovely warm bath and massage using specialist dog shampoo and conditioner to suit your dogs skin and coat type. After a thorough bath and check over your dog is ready to be dried. Your dog is then blow dried and has a luxurious leave in conditioner brushed into their coat so that they stay looking and smelling nice for longer! Your dog is then ready to be collected with a shiny coat and a wagging tail.

Nails trimmed are included with every groom. Perfume/finishing spray .

If you dog needs a specific shampoo supplied by the vet please bring it along with you.

While your pet is in my care, i will also perform minor health checks to ensure that your dog is in good health, and we can make referrals to the best local veterinarians if necessary.

Dogs should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks depending on breed. To ensure that you furry friend is happy, free from mats and knots or any other “Nasty Critters”.  Mats pull tightly on the pet’s skin causing them discomfort which can lead to major skin irritations and infections.
Here at K9 Cutting Room we promote the Animal Welfare Act.

The condition of your pet’s coat will be evaluated and recommend what is best for him/her, I will not put a dog through hours and hours of painful de-matting if un-necessary and if  the only option is a close shave off, dont worry the coat will soon grow back and with regular grooming your dog can be styled as you like during future visits at K9 Cutting Room. Any dog found to have fleas will be given a flea treatment at an extra cost. I would phone to consult you regarding this.



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